Common problems of Retail Investors

The common problems of retail investors

Common problems for new retail investors
In the world of information, we all keep on listening the conversations around us about how to become millionaire or wealthy and achieve the financial freedom. Passive income and FIRE movement have become the talk of the town within young investors.

The Psychology of stock market


The Psychology of stock market The Psychology of stock market players, Mistakes due to Behavioural bias ,The stock cycle due to the Psychology of stock market ,Ways to manage psychology when investing in stocks The Psychology of stock market is the base of overall performance of the market resulting in market up or down trends . The indicator of the price action in the … Read more

Easy rules for Investing Vs Speculation

Investing Vs Speculation ,Difference between investing and speculation ,Investing ,Speculation “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” Warrren Buffett “Easy rules for Investing Vs Speculation” this is the question every new retail investor is asking or trying to reply nowadays. Retail investors like you and me face problems and frequently get confused … Read more

Passive Investing :Index Investing Vs ETF

Passive Investing: Index fund Vs ETF, Types of Investing, Active Investing ,Passive Investing ,Index Investing ,ETFs Investing is such a vast subject which takes long years to learn the ins and outs of the subject. Investing has many faces in the process which you as an investor need to understand before starting your investing journey. … Read more