When to sell a stock from portfolio

Most of the time, every investor talks about when to purchase the purchase of the stock. Every investor try to time the purchase of the stock. But buying the stock is only half job done and the important half work is holding the stock with continuous monitoring the underlying business .Selling the stock at right time is the final work of a smart investor.

Why we need Personal financial planning in our life

Personal financial planning

Pay yourself that means automated saving before expenditure of money.
Try to avoid debt trap.
Don’t buy liabilities ,buy assets
Buy things that will make money for you..i.e assets buying .
This is not possible to achieve financial freedom without a financial saving plan.
To save money, it is necessary that you have financial literacy.
You should invest in you to learn financial education .

How to invest in bear market

How to invest in bear market-Safalinvesting.com

How to invest in bear market New retail investors who entered after COVID-19 fall are seeing the trailer of bear market for the first time. As bear market or bull market are inevitable and both are the part and parcel of capital market. We will discuss some strategies to get benefit of bear market and avoiding losses due to wrong decisions due to fear in capital market